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Aligning Our Practices with God’s Promises

Mindfulness, centering, breathing, energy, grounding . . . so many buzz words and ideas about how to improve ourselves, regain our zest (or get some for the first time!) and operate daily from a place of strength and hope.

As a Jesus girl, I sometimes struggle with how terms and practices used by self-help gurus fit into what God says about our self-care and growth as his children. Solomon stated, “There’s nothing new under the sun” (Ecc. 1:9). Importance of breath? Shows up in the first pages of scripture (Gen. 2:7). Need for down time? Yup--Jesus modeled that one (Luke 5:16; Matt. 14:23). Sleep? Elijah napped by a brook (I Kings 19:5-6) and Jesus got his REMs in a boat during a storm (Matt. 8:24). Creating boundaries, delegating, planning--

if it’s good for us, we’ll find support in God’s Word.

God’s already laid out SO MANY examples of things we can do to strengthen our connections--FIRST and foremost to him and then with those we love.

And there’s a plethora--love that word!--of God-pleasing ways (some suggested, some commanded) we can care for ourselves and still care for others in our lives.

It’s empowering to see how research reveals WHY things God has already laid out in his Word change us body, soul, mind and spirit. (I know--no shocker there!) Coaching practices aligned with God's Word create a road map for success.

I’m so excited to have you join me for this series of blogs! In each blog we’ll have a key point to ponder and at least one action step. Just as faith without works is dead, (James 2:17) goals without action leave us stuck.

Thanks for taking me along on your journey as you step out in faith and grow a life you love!

Point to ponder:

Positive change happens when it's powered by God and aligned with his will learned from his Word.

Action step:

Ask yourself, “What does ‘goal setting’ mean to me?”

Write down your response without filtering it! Consider starting a notebook or journal to follow your journey as you take your next steps in growing a God-honoring life you love.

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