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Eager to smile again?

Ready to reclaim

your joy?

Gina Grove is a Wellcoaches certified life and wellness coach ready to help you grow a life you'll love! 

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Hi! I'm Gina.

Let’s face it: life is challenging.


But it doesn’t have to be exhausting and joyless! 

Do you walk around telling yourself -- and others-- I’m fine! Everything’s just fine!”

But inside you’re weary . . . longing to live with zest . . . wanting desperately to smile and actually mean it.


As a certified life and wellness coach, I can help!  

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4 steps we'll take together to grow a life you'll 

love -


Exhale fear, breathe in hope and picture what a joyful life could be.


Examine your values and strengths. It's time to let them shine!


Explore what's stealing your joy. Let's be honest and face those obstacles.


Embrace action, set simple goals and take small steps to grow a life you'll love!

Coaching can take you from weary to wow!

You'll be heard, understood, and supported

as you craft a faith focused, strength-based plan for your life.

What other women have to say:


Start your faith-centered coaching journey today by discovering Four Powerful Actions to Boost Hope Now!

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Gina's coaching was the perfect support for understanding my strengths, focusing on my goals, and finding peace and focus during the middle of a tough season. 

Her godly wisdom and kindness formed the base for the coaching environment, but the real genius of working with Gina is that she helps you to understand how to set meaningful goals and work toward them incrementally. 

Anna R.

Working with Gina is like a breath of fresh air.


She asks thought-provoking questions and points out my strengths in a way that gives me momentum in areas where I was stuck. The things I couldn’t see become apparent. When I get off the phone with her I feel like I’ve made significant progress but it didn’t feel like work. I cannot recommend her enough! 

Crystal E.

I'm a teacher in a Lutheran elementary school, and I was burnt out to the point of considering resigning. Gina's coaching was crucial in turning things around. I learned to honestly evaluate what to prioritize, particularly my spiritual and physical well-being. I learned to set goals and be accountable for them, while also learning to give myself grace when things didn't go as planned. Gina's guidance helped me to return to teaching in the fall with renewed enthusiasm. She is truly a blessing!


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